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Chapter 5-1/2
March 2008

SAE extreme pressure hose connections up to DN 38 to 420 bar DN 51 to 345 bar

The fastest method how to

manufacture your own extreme pressure fittings, e.g. with hole pattern.

The principle is easy:

  • Hydraulik tubes (straight or bent ) with galvanized surface and previously incorporated nipple are on stock
  • Suitable collar rings ( standard or jump sizes) are piled into the individually cut tube by means of a hydraulik cylinder
  • Assemble the SAE flange, press the hose as usual

- finished -

  • This method allowes manufacturing extreme pressure fittings up to 420 bar and DN 20 to 50 in no time, using some simple and low-cost resources.Special elbow lengths up to 5000 mm and jump sizes are to be manufactured as easy and fast as standard sizes.

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